Training, evaluation, and backup opportunities within your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

December 5, 2023

Did you know that with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), you can use a certain number of licenses at no cost for training, evaluation, and backup? Dive into the fine print of your Enterprise Agreement and discover a provision that can transform the way your organization approaches training, evaluation, and backup.

Copies for training/evaluation and back-up

For all Products other than Online Services, Enrolled Affiliate may (1) use up to 20 complimentary copies of any licensed Products in a dedicated training facility on its premises for purposes of training on that particular Product, (2) use up to 10 complimentary copies of any Products for a 60 day evaluation period, and (3) use one complimentary copy of any licensed Product for back-up or archival purposes for each of its distinct geographic locations. Trials for Online Services may be available if specified in the Use Rights.

Discover the hidden benefits: Training opportunities in your Enterprise Agreement

In the often overlooked section of your Enterprise Agreement, under “Copies for training/evaluation and backup,” a world of possibilities awaits. For all Products, except Online Services, Enrolled Affiliates have the right to use up to 20 complimentary copies of any licensed product in a dedicated training facility on their premises, with the purpose of training on that specific product.

Imagine a scenario where your team engages in hands-on, immersive training sessions without worrying about additional license costs. This provision changes the game, promotes a culture of continuous education and skill development within your organization.

Beyond training: Evaluation opportunities in your Enterprise Agreement

The Enterprise Agreement doesn’t limit itself to training benefits. It also provides a generous provision for evaluation purposes. Enrolled Affiliates can use up to 10 free copies of random products during a 60-day evaluation period. This gives decision-makers ample time to assess the functionality, compatibility, and alignment with organizational needs of the products.

This provision is your organization’s ticket to informed decision-making. It allows you to explore the full potential of Microsoft products before making a commitment, ensuring your investments seamlessly align with your business objectives.

Backup options in the Enterprise Agreement

Data security is paramount in the digital age, and your Enterprise Agreement recognizes this. Enrolled Affiliates can use one free copy of any licensed product for backup or archival purposes for each individual geographic location. This strategic move acts as a safeguard against unforeseen data loss or system failures, providing peace of mind and operational continuity.

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