Welcome to BeSharp Experts.

We are a leading consulting company specialized in maximizing Microsoft software investments. With 15+ years of experience in contract negotiations and software license optimization, we provide customers with independent advice to make informed decisions about their software investments.

With BeSharp by your side, you can be sure that you always close the best deal and maintain control over your licenses and cloud subscriptions.

Why BeSharp Experts?

BeSharp Experts distinguishes itself from other companies by focusing on the strategic aspect of license and cloud optimization. Our Microsoft license and contract experts have extensive experience in clarifying the roadmap for 3-6 years, creating strategic scenarios, and negotiating with Microsoft. We also provide support in optimizing licenses and cloud subscriptions and fulfilling annual contractual obligations to Microsoft. Our team offers flexible and scalable solutions to help organizations grow and compete in a rapidly changing market. Contact us for solid long-term strategies and targeted contract support to achieve your short and long-term goals.

Our approach

We start with a QuickScan to determine the key optimization areas. Together with the BeSharp Expert, you will then go through a License and Cloud Optimization process, where we get a clear picture of your current use and license rights and where we can optimize. During the Roadmap and Scenario sessions we develop a strategy for 3 to 6 years, which is used during the Microsoft Contract Negotiations to achieve the best price and contract terms.
From that moment on, the BeSharp Experts can support you annually through our StaySharp Service Contract, giving you permanent control over your license, cloud and security costs. This way you are also protected against unnecessary license expenses and compliance risks in the future. You have continuous access to our license specialists for questions and are assured of professional support during any audits.

Our promise to you


Professional services

With BeSharp you can count on professional and expert services provided by experienced specialists and project managers

Better results

With BeSharp at your side, you will achieve better results in terms of license, cloud and security optimization, contractual conditions and compliance

Lower costs

Through a thorough analysis and professional support you will save money and / or prevent unnecessary investments