Optimize and save: A strategic perspective on Office 365 and Microsoft 365

January 10, 2024

In the dynamic business world, it’s not only crucial to utilize advanced tools like Office 365 and Microsoft 365 but also to periodically evaluate and optimize this usage. Neglecting this optimization can result in unnecessary costs, such as assigning licenses to inactive users or double-paying for functionalities available elsewhere.

Why optimize?

A thorough analysis of your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions is vital. It’s common for licenses to be assigned to inactive users, such as employees on long-term sick leave or those who have left the company. Additionally, we observe specific suites being assigned to users without fully utilizing all functionalities.

Personas and user profiles

To effectively perform this optimization, it’s essential to define clear personas and user profiles. Monitoring these profiles is an ongoing process, as users may change positions, leading to new functional needs or the release of licenses upon departure.

Bundles and duplicate functionalities

Microsoft often offers bundles, which can result in the double purchase of the same functionalities through different suites. It’s crucial to scrutinize these bundles and ensure you’re not paying for something included elsewhere in your subscription.

Assigning licenses to service accounts

Another often overlooked aspect is the unnecessary allocation of licenses to service accounts, whereas only user accounts should be licensed.

Collaboration between IT and HR: A strategic alliance

Close collaboration between IT and HR is a crucial link in the optimization process. Sharing information between these departments ensures rapid adjustments of licenses during changes in the workforce. A joint effort where IT understands the technical needs, and HR manages personnel changes, results in more efficient license management.

How we assist

At BeSharp Experts, we understand the complexity of license management. We provide clear analyses and support in selecting the right subscriptions for defined personas, considering current and future desired functionalities. Our goal is to prevent unnecessary costs and help your organization make optimal use of various Office 365 and Microsoft 365 suites. Pay only for what you truly need and use! Optimize today and get the most out of your subscriptions!