Microsoft Viva

June 27, 2023

If you’re seeking ways to improve your organization’s employee experience and productivity, consider Microsoft Viva. It is a suite of employee experience platforms seamlessly integrated within Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft Viva, you can access a range of tools designed to enhance different aspects of the employee journey.

Viva Insights: Gain productivity and well-being insights through data-driven recommendations. Understand work patterns, identify areas for improvement, and promote a healthy work-life balance for your employees.

Viva Connections: Foster a sense of community and connection among your remote workforce. Create personalized employee dashboards, share news and resources, and enable open communication and idea sharing.

Viva Topics: Harness the power of knowledge discovery. Automatically surface relevant expertise and information within Microsoft 365 apps, accelerate onboarding, and prevent knowledge loss.

Viva Learning: Cultivate a culture of continuous learning. Collect and share learning resources from various sources, empower employees to access and recommend courses, and seamlessly integrate learning into their daily work.

Viva Engage: Strengthen relationships and build a culture of involvement. Provide a social platform for employees to share, collaborate, and contribute, fostering transparency and a sense of belonging.

Viva Goals: Empower employees with goal tracking and alignment. Set individual, departmental, and organizational goals, monitor progress, and ensure everyone stays focused and accountable.

Viva Sales: Streamline the sales process and improve seller experience. Automate tasks, generate call summaries, and gain valuable insights to close deals faster and enhance customer relationships.

Viva Pulse: Gain valuable insights into employee sentiments. Encourage feedback and opinions through anonymous surveys, understand how employees truly feel, and make data-driven improvements to the workplace.

People in Microsoft Viva: Put people at the center of the employee experience. This platform capability allows you to effortlessly discover connections and experts throughout your organization. Integrated as an app within Microsoft 365 profiles, People in Microsoft Viva uses AI to unlock valuable information related to interests, knowledge, and goals, fostering improved collaboration and team building.

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