Financial challenges in healthcare: seeking solutions

September 7, 2023

Healthcare faces significant financial challenges, and these have direct implications for the care provided to both our youth and elderly. Let’s explore some of these challenges and how BeSharp Experts can assist in addressing them.

Youth Care:

Youth care is under increasing financial pressure. The demand for care is growing, care needs are becoming more complex, and there are shifts in responsibilities to municipalities. This has resulted in growing waiting lists and an urgent need for additional resources to meet the needs of our youth.

Elderly Care:

With the aging population, the demand for elderly care is also on the rise. Nursing homes and home care organizations face enormous challenges in maintaining the quality of care while financial resources are limited.

Cost Savings with BeSharp Experts:

BeSharp Experts understands the urgent need for cost savings in healthcare and can assist healthcare organizations in various ways:

  1. Optimization of Software Licenses and Subscriptions: We help identify and deactivate unused or redundant licenses, resulting in cost savings.
  2. Data Analysis: Our experts provide advanced data analysis and reporting tools for cost-effective decision-making.
  3. Negotiation of Purchase Prices: We negotiate favorable purchase prices for software licenses, yielding financial benefits.
  4. Ongoing Support: With a StaySharp Service Contract, we annually optimize Microsoft licenses and cloud subscriptions. You gain access to expertise and a personalized StaySharp environment for project results and contract management. We take care of license management, reporting, and proactively keep you informed, even during audits.

Collaborating for a Better Healthcare System:

The financial challenges in youth and elderly care are issues that concern us all. BeSharp Experts is committed to supporting healthcare organizations in achieving cost savings, thus making more resources available for high-quality care. Let’s collaborate to strengthen the Dutch healthcare system and ensure a better future for our youth and elderly.