End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF)

June 26, 2023

The End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF) program, formerly known as Business Investment Funds (BIF) or Customer Investment Funds (CIF), allows Microsoft to allocate financial resources within the fiscal budget to pay for services to end-customers in support of Microsoft products and solutions.

This program has been established to ensure that Microsoft customers have access to the necessary support and services to maximize the benefits of Microsoft products and solutions. Through ECIF, Microsoft provides resources to both internal teams and external parties to assist customers with implementation, configuration, training, and other support services.

Internal services engagements are carried out by teams within Microsoft, such as Enterprise Services, CSS (Customer Service and Support), and Premier/Unified Support. These teams have extensive knowledge of Microsoft products and solutions and work closely with customers to support their specific needs.

Externally, customers can leverage services engagements through ECIF-approved suppliers, partners, and other external parties. These external parties have been carefully selected and approved by Microsoft to ensure they possess the required expertise and capacity to deliver high-quality services to end-customers.

Through the ECIF program, Microsoft aims to help customers successfully implement and utilize Microsoft products and solutions. By utilizing the available funds, end-customers can benefit from support and services that assist them in maximizing their investment in Microsoft technologies.

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