Save money in Azure

June 13, 2023

At BeSharp Experts, we understand that cost optimization in Azure is crucial for businesses. That’s why we would like to inform you about the possibilities of reservations and savings plans, which can result in significant cost savings.

Azure Reservations offer you the opportunity to save money on the usage of specific resources in Azure. By committing to a one- or three-year subscription, you receive discounts on the resources you use. With reservations, you can save up to 72% on your resource costs compared to pay-as-you-go pricing. These discounts are automatically applied to the corresponding resources after purchasing a reservation. You can choose between upfront or monthly payments, with the total costs being the same. Our team of cloud experts is ready to guide you in optimizing your reservation strategy and achieving maximum cost efficiency.

In addition to reservations, Azure also offers Savings Plans as a cost-saving option. With Azure Savings Plans, you can save money by committing to a fixed amount per hour for compute services for one or three years. These plans can reduce your resource costs by up to 65% compared to pay-as-you-go pricing. You can choose between shared, subscription, or resource group scoping for your Savings Plan, and the benefits are automatically applied to eligible resources within the chosen scope.

It’s important to note that reservations are available for a wide range of resources such as virtual machines, storage, databases, and more. Savings Plans are currently more limited in their availability but include resources such as virtual machines, App Services, Functions Premium, and Azure Container Instances.

Making the right choices between reservations and Savings Plans can be complex, but our team of experts is ready to advise and guide you in making the best decisions for your specific needs. Our goal is to optimize your costs, drive efficiency, and take your business to new heights in the cloud.

Contact us today and start your journey towards significant cost savings in Azure. We are ready to help you leverage the benefits of reservations and savings plans and strengthen your cloud adoption.