10 tips for government agencies: Making license costs transparent and manageable

October 6, 2023

Government agencies, such as municipalities and provinces, face the challenge of effectively managing their budgets. An important aspect of these budgets is the licensing costs for software, which often constitute a significant portion of the IT budget. Making these costs transparent and managing them is crucial to prevent waste and ensure financial transparency. In this blog, we share 10 tips to help government agencies optimize their licensing costs.

1. Start with a comprehensive inventory

Before you can manage licensing costs, you need to know exactly what software and licenses your organization possesses. Begin with a thorough inventory of all software applications and their associated licenses/cloud subscriptions. This forms the basis for further cost analysis.

2. Choose the right license models

When acquiring licenses and (cloud) subscriptions, it’s essential to select the appropriate license models. It’s crucial that the chosen license model aligns with your needs. The right model can save costs in the short and long term.

3. Automate license procedures

Automate license procedures, such as license renewals and (cloud) subscription assignments to new users. This reduces manual errors and ensures efficiency.

4. Create scenarios and cost estimates

Develop different licensing scenarios and create cost estimates for the upcoming years in collaboration with an external, independent party. Consider user growth, price increases, and new software requirements. This provides you with a realistic view of future costs.

5. Centralize license management

Establish a central license management team or department within the organization, or outsource license management to a reliable organization specializing in license compliance. This ensures consistency and coordination in license management across various departments.

6. Prevent under-licensing and duplicate licenses

Ensure that your organization does not under-license (having too few licenses for the number of users) or purchase duplicate licenses. This can lead to unexpected costs and legal issues.

7. Keep compliance in mind

Always consider software license compliance. Failing to meet the conditions can result in legal problems and fines.

8. Regularly optimize

Optimizing licensing costs is not a one-time task. Regular evaluation and adjustment of license agreements are essential to keeping costs low, remaining flexible, and preventing unnecessary expenses.

9. Learn from best practices and case studies

Learn from the best practices of other government agencies and review case studies of successful license cost optimization. This can provide valuable insights for your organization.

10. Stay informed about new technologies

Keep an eye on developments in the IT world, such as cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Artificial Intelligence. These technologies can offer new opportunities for cost savings and efficiency.

Managing and optimizing license costs is an ongoing effort that can strengthen the financial health of government agencies. By following these tips, municipalities and provinces can effectively manage their IT budgets and increase transparency, ultimately benefiting their service to the community.

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